The affected program is a youth leadership and empowerment campaign developed for the Worcester Police and the Worcester Public Schools with funding from the Safe Schools Healthy Students Grant Initiative. We provide classes on media literacy, media production, interpersonal communication and problem solving strategies for at-risk youth. 


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Affected provides a safe place for youth to learn how to make healthy life affirming choices and to enhance feeling of worthiness and acceptance.  The program focuses on helping students learn to develop problem solving strategies, learn conflict resolution techniques, and to teach them to how to think and live strong.

Affected targets at-risk youth ages 15-19 through various approaches and provides training to students in the areas of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.  Using video production training and team based activities, students produce violence and drug abuse prevention media.  Students participate in writing and producing  “dangerous behaviors” public service announcements. Thanks to our broadcast partner Charter Communications, affected media makes an indelible impression on a broad range of viewers with insightful perspectives on an array of important subjects, viewpoints and issues concerning youth and violence across the country

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